hand drawn text that say brandy strategy

Brand Strategist in Washington, MO

My current clients with simple branding implemented in their marketing.(logos are not brands but are part of strategy)

project: Soap Box Soft Wash

date: sept 2022

-Designed in Illustrator
-Mockup in Photoshop
-Brand Template in Keynote

Summary: SoapBox was looking to stand out among the competition and catch the eye of younger home owners with something that went against the grain of the stereotypical fiverr logo for power washing companies. After brainstorming CRATE came up with a mark that did just that.

project: Menke Heating and Cooling

date: nov 2021
menke heating and cooling logo

-Designed in Affinity Designer
-Mockup in Affinity Photo

Summary: This was my first ever client logo. Menke Heating and Cooling wanted something that spoke to their trade and was did not look like every other HVAC Companies Clip Art logo. CRATE mocked up over 12 different variations until we went with the Mark you see today.